My website is online

From now on you can find all of my projects in one place there!
I edited a little reel, so be sure to check it out as well!


In other news:
I’m participating in this year’s Global Game Jam at the end of January.
Again in the offices of InnoGames here in Hamburg. With lots of food on the house and hopefully another successful attempt at a Game Boy Style shmup. Last time was really fun, since we were working in a small team of only two people. Which made decision-making very fast, enabling us to focus on realistic goals for a timelimit of only two days.
I hope it works out as well, if not better this time around!


Also, I recently realized, that I really miss doing monthly micro-projects
Thus I’ve decided to go ahead and make some micros for the next couple of months again. All of which will be posted on this blog.
I don’t know which kind of projects these are going to be. Probably somewhat similar or a little smaller in scope than the ones at Probably animation-related.
I might even give them a weird name, like DimiMicros or so. We’ll see what I come up with.

Anyway, stay tuned! See ya next time after the game jam!

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Game Boy Jam Game

Hey people,

I participated in the InnoGames Game Jam #9 with a little Game Boy style shoot’em up.
The graphics are a little rough, but the gameplay is solid and we even managed to squeeze in some kind of intro and outro.

I’m pretty happy with the result! It was fun to work with only four colors and a low screen resolution of 160×144! It was rewarding to get graphics done quickly, but also to work around the limitations and come up with creative solutions in the process.

You can play the game HERE.

Oh, and by the way.

VOID is done, and I’m Bachelor of Arts!

Final gameplay footage is coming in the next couple of days.


Astronaut-Game Progress 4

Yikes! Now this took me quite a while, for multiple reasons.
But I’m back on track and you can follow the animation progress live at my Twitch channel. I’m streaming from 11am to 8pm UTC every day.
Except for Tuesdays, when I gotta go at about 4-5pm UTC.

So if you’re interested, have a look. The project is due in  July, and there’s a lot to be done still!

Astronaut-Game Progress 3

Hi guys,

some new animations from the last week.
This time it’s mostly small stuff and additional character animation.

These smaller bubbles serve as interface for the player. It’s a short preview, or the “essence” if you will, of the memory you’re going to see if you click on one of these.

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Astronaut-Game Progress 2

Not much text this week. Just showing off the recent animations for the game.
They’re not completely finished as of yet, but I’m trying to get as many into the game as early as possible and add the details later.

More info concerning the insanity effects is coming soon.

Astronaut-Game Progress 1

Hello? Anyone? I’m still here!
There’s lots to talk about, so let’s get started! The gentle reader of this blog might remember that I’m currently working on my thesis project. Although it changed quite a bit since the last time! Continue reading

Back from Cryosleep

Hello and welcome back to this place, where I post things about things that I make!
Sorry I kept you waiting.

One Thing a Month

Me and my friend have this project together, we call One Thing a Month. So if you want to know, what I’ve been up to for the last couple of months, you should totally check it out! Continue reading

Game Jams & animations

The last couple of weeks have been super-exciting for me personally and professionally.
Only this much about the personal stuff: There’s this girl I met. Check her blog out! She’s a whole lot more into drawing than I am! The coolest thing is that we already managed to work together on two little games, where she assumed the role of a “2D Modeler” (she drew characters and split them up into body parts) and I did my usual animation mumbo jumbo to bring her characters to life. Holds some promise for a bright artistic future, or something like that. But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

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Moving to the right

I wrote an incredibly corny piece about my experience in Copenhagen, and it’s probably better to leave it at the drawing board. It basically started with me talking about moving into “the same direction” on my train home as when I first arrived in Denmark. And how it’s kind of a metaphor for “moving forward” for us exchange people. You see, cause in 2D Platformer games, you usually move to the right while making progress…


Get it?

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Workey Workey

This explains a lot if I look back at my mood for the last couple of months.
Oh well.

Still not much to see from my game at the moment except maybe this.

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