Lost in Translation

Ich will an dieser Stelle eine kleine Anpassung an der Blog-Sprache vornehmen. Da es jetzt mittlerweile auch einige englischsprachige Leser gibt, macht es nur Sinn, vorerst zumindest für die Dauer dieses Auslandssemesters auf englisch zu schreiben.
Also langer Rede kurzer Sinn:

Welcome to the blog! I hope, the structure of my sentences works out good enough for you guys to understand, what I’m going to be blathering about for the next five months. I’ll be visiting Denmark for the winter semester (I heard, that’s supposed to be the best time to visit nordic countries) to study Game Design at Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen. Since I will be talking english pretty much all the time, it only makes sense for me to start writing in english as well, right?

I just finished setting up my “mobile workstation” and got Blender started for about 3 minutes or so. It was nice, while it lasted. But I forgot most of the shortcuts. Oh well. Doesn’t matter for now.BlenderTimeAnyway. When I’m done with packing tonight this basically means, that I’m totally ready to go. I will arrive in Roskilde on Tuesday afternoon.
To get to my university I will have to drive for an hour. At least with public transport. But then again, it would probably be the same, if I’d be studying in Berlin or something.
I’m so excited to get to know new people from all over the world and study together. Maybe even learn some things from each other.
What a wonderful world. Bla bla.
Well then, last day at home.
See you on the other side, people!

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