A bumpy start

Tuesday, August 27th

My first impression as a belarussian immigrant from Germany is that everything sounds funny and cute in Danish. The words are sometimes strikingly similar, but the pronounciation brings a certain twist to a language which appears to be familiar and different at the same time.
People told me before, that it’s actually not a “real” exchange semester, cause the countries are supposed to be oh so similar. But this is already different and interesting enough for me.
Even though the landscape reminds me of Northern Germany it isn’t quite the same. The architecture is slightly different and I don’t feel that it’s quite as flat as the outskirts of Hamburg or the area of Holstein in general.
Danish cows are orange and the sky appears to be closer somehow.
That’s about it for now. Waiting for the train. Gonna continue, as soon as I’ve arrived in Roskilde.

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Okay, I met my future roomie. And his room. The sweet-sour greasy stench of sweat and cooking oil instantly overwhelmed my senses. The (one) room, in which both of us were supposed to live for the next five months was a one of a kind mess, I’ve only experienced at some depressed messie household.
I tried to make the best out of the situation and maybe somehow “inspire” the guy to get his shit together and clean up with me. But after I scratched the last couple of worms (!) from his frying pan while he was still laying in his bed trying to get the internet working, so that he could get on Facebook, I felt that we might have some differences regarding priorities in the future.

Wednesday, August 28th

The ride from Roskilde to Copenhagen was chaotic, because the guy decided to stay in bed instead of helping me out. I mean, he’s kind of a nice guy. But also a depressed, workless loner. He was helpful only within the reach of his apartment. Like finding a route to my school online and telling me, which card to buy for public transport. Almost lost my shit because of the stress of coming too late. But the fact, that I planned ahead to arrive an hour earlier saved me. I was there 15 minutes before the start of the Erasmus student introduction.
Roskilde is cute with lots of green fields and a very “provincial” vibe. But in comparison to the beauty of Copenhagen it falls flat.
When I sat down in the conference room, in which the introduction took place, I was impressed right out of the gate with the stunning view out of the window. And the amazing workshops, we got to see later that day!
Real craftmanship at work here.

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The whole school smells like freshly cut woodlogs. It’s amazing. I’m so glad to be here!
At the same time I also lost the last spark of hope, that we might make it work with this guy in Roskilde. It’s such a relief to talk to “regular people” again. My mind instantly got a breath of fresh air. The only thing that I hope for now, is that he would be nice enough to return my security deposit worth two months rent to me. Or at least some part of it. So that I can get a hostel room in Copenhagen. I couldn’t stand to sleep much longer on his greasy, smelly little couch.

The people at the university are so helpful and just amazing in general.
Lots of furniture and industrial designers, which only makes sense considering the awesome workshops here.
But the best thing is, that I’m the single only Game Design exchange student! I had a nice talk with my professor, who seems like a friendly grandfather figure to me. Words cannot describe how excited I am to be here!

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Me and a couple of exchange students went for a stroll to the little mermaid and ended up in some kind of old stronghold, which has been transformed into a park. I really didn’t want to return to Roskilde, so I spent as much time with the girls as I could.

Thursday, August 29th & Friday, August 30th – The Great Escape

On Thursday I told my roommate, that I couldn’t live like that with him for the next five months, since my basic needs weren’t being met. He told me basically, that that was not his problem, since he allegedly told me everything beforehand. And started demanding that I should pay him the rest of the rent for September in advance, if I was going to leave like that. First, paying in advance for a month, that I wouldn’t stay for is crazy talk. Second, I already paid him a commission of 1000DKK for September in advance (together with a security deposit of two months rent worth 6000DKK). And then again, if he really would have told me “everything”, I would obviously know better, than to come to this rathole. Back then, when we first started talking on Facebook, he declared to me, that we will “find out” about the apartment key, my bed and a workplace. But by now I kinda suspected that with “we” he actually meant me. Since there were no efforts made from his side on this matter.
Anyway. As soon, as I “spilled the beans”, the mood instantly changed in the room. It almost felt like breaking up with a girl. An ugly and hairy girl for that matter.
It was clear, that there was no room for discussions from his side. So there was only one thing left to do, before he would start hiding my stuff from me to blackmail me for paying or something like that. I had to get out of there before he could suck even more money out of me.
This was the night, when my glorious escape plan took shape:
That was that. And the rest is history, I guess.
I probably can’t expect to see any of my money back, since he probably already spent it on some Oddset bets or online poker or some other shit, that he keeps wasting his life on.
But I have a nice lawyer on the case, so we will see, what we can do.
Until then…

Saturday, August 31st

I’m staying at DANHostel Amager in Copenhagen until tomorrow morning. Got to know a guy from my room a little while he shared his touching story with me. He is gay and has been married with his husband for multiple years now. He married pretty young, and thus did some stupid things during the relationship. Some day he decided that it would be best for him to go study in Germany. So he left his husband in Denmark behind and studied at Humboldt University in Berlin for two years.
Recently, he found out that his husband found a new boyfriend while he was away. And while the guy had made lots of mistakes with his marriage, during his time in Berlin, he realized how lucky he had been to have this guy on his side. Learned to appreciate the things they used to share together. So he returned to Denmark to win the heart of his true love back.
Sad, but somehow beautiful at the same time.
That’s the amazing thing about my exchange semester already. All the stories, I collect from all kinds of different people.
I might contact him in the future. Just to see, how his story develops.

Sunday, September 1st

I have a place to stay for the next two weeks! I’ll be sharing a flat with a girl from France and two other guys, one from Germany as well. All exchange students. This should be good enough to find some rest and look for a more long-term solution.
You can’t imagine, how good this feels after my crazy adventure with that weirdo.

Monday, September 2nd

Things, that I learned today: Hip and seemingly important art directors exist in Denmark as well.
Danish speeches are actually a little understandable for a german somehow. At least when you focus really hard for the whole time. But actually it doesn’t really matter, in which language speeches are held in. They’re almost always pretty boring anyway.
My course for today was Interactive Storytelling!


Some Notes from the course:
If movies and literature give us the possibility to escape reality and dream about a fantastic life, games can give us the chance to become somebody, who we couldn’t become in real life. To play a role in a fantastic story, in a fantastic world.
Gameplay != Game Mechanics
Gameplay = what the player will experience in the end
Game Mechanics = rules of how the game is played

Homework til Wednesday: Read the story of Tristan and Isolde, which we are going to convert into an interactive multiple choice game through the course of the upcoming weeks.
Update coming soon!

If you came here for the Little Mermaid.
I am so, so sorry…


The stuff that nightmares are made of

See you soon, people!

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5 thoughts on “A bumpy start

  1. R says:

    LOL I’m sorry you had such a rough start in Denmark. You talking about a guy called “Nichlas List” right? His a scumbag and gambling addict who have been scamming danes for years. Better off saving money on your lawyer, the guy is broke.

    And welcome to Denmark 😛

  2. […] an unusually high amount of traffic, so I looked into it and found another thread which links to my first exchange semester blog post. Wow. Just wow. Who could have imagined that this story would develop into something this crazy? […]

  3. Johnd429 says:

    Only wanna tell that this is very useful , Thanks for taking your time to write this. kfedaefdcace

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