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Maybe I’m a little early with conclusions. But I already had two occasions, on which I would have never expected for this to happen.
The Danish seem to like pulling numbers.
I had to do it at a hotel reception, I was trying to register in. Just to get in line.
And now at a post office. Pulling numbers is something I would expect at an administration office or something like that. Bureaucracy and all. But it seems to be even more widespread here than in Germany, which itself has always been the stronghold of bureacracy in my book.


Copenhagen is a bike city.
You can see it when you take a walk around town. There are bike lanes pretty much everywhere. And they’re about twice as broad as the ones in Hamburg. On rush hours you can barely cross the street without being run over by a Dane cycling at an insane speed. Metro wagons have special areas without seats, so that people can travel by train with their bikes and baby strollers. You can also find special bike garages at some metro stations.

IMG_0176Finally bought a bike for myself about a week ago! Way cheaper than public transport.

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Too tired to write stuff right now.
Was at a music festival at Hipster Bridge (it’s really called this way).

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And also visited the Viking exhibition in the National Museum the other day.
One of my goals in Denmark was to see original viking stuff.
It was really beautiful.

The rest of the National Museum is filled with ethnology exhibitions.

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Had the presentation of my Game Design project on Friday.
It was alright, but sadly they weren’t quite pleased with my underwhelming visuals.

Tristan and Iseult – Game Design Report

I cannot really complain, since most of it got done in a single night shift on my birthday.
In the end, I got an “average”. Oh well. Next time!
Here are some very basic animated mockups. Especially The End probably isn’t really self-explanatory without the document though!

The next course will hopefully be better for me. Practical work of developing a game from beginning to end. So at the end of the semester there should be a playable (casual) game, in which I participated!
Although I’ve never worked with 3ds Max before, I am extremely excited to finally get my hands dirty on the real deal!

See you soon people!

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