Cold up here

Time to get this one out.
A weirdly personal one. Has been sitting in my drafts for a while now (as you can see with me mentioning Christmas and all).
It’s not polished at all. More like a bunch of random notes on stuff.

But it’s time to get this blog going again.

[Me sometime in December:]
Okay, it’s been a loooong time this time.
One could say I dropped into a hole for the last two months or so.
Winter hasn’t been pretty for me last time. This year didn’t look much different for a while. I guess the SAD (totally reliable self-diagnosis) is only amplified by the nordic climate and the many hours of darkness we experience up here. I’d be lost by now, if it wouldn’t be for friends coming over to Denmark to visit me in this experimental isolation chamber people call “my room”.
It lifted a weight off my shoulders to see some familiar faces again. Shows time and time again that I should go out more often to meet people. Which is easier said then done, when you’re busy procrastinating your days away one by one. YouTube and Facebook are my arch-nemesis right now.

I don’t know if it’s only the weather or the not especially outgoing people. Or both. Or just me. Or whatever.
I’m out of that terrible feeling by now and am actually excited since I’ll be going home over the holidays. One of the things you learn through loneliness is to appreciate friends and family. Especially latter got annoying from time to time, but my god, does it feel good to finally see them again.

Concerning the relationship between Denmark and Germany

A friend summed it up beautifully a couple of days ago:

So we see Germany as our far out annoying cousin, and don’t feel like we have a bond with them despite the short distance. We all learn either french or german in school. But you almost never hear a student say that they like german. And almost none of us are actually able to speak it.

I found the annoying cousin part especially amusing. 😀

Some realizations about myself during my time here

Realization #459: I don’t need even half of my belongings here in this room to feel perfectly happy.
Basically I compressed my life to the following (in no specific order):
– a more or less powerful computer with internet access
– a smartphone to not get lost anymore and to replace my brain’s memory functions (feels good man)
– a guitar
– infinite access to green tea
– bed
– clothes (I’m gonna bring more than half of them back when I visit my family over Christmas)
– bathroom
– kitchen with a fridge and an oven (baking bread, bitches)
– washing machine
– food and water
– access to a supermarket
And that ladies and gentlemen is my life in a nutshell.

Realization #637: I love playing guitar, even though I know that I’m doing it wrong, suck terribly and am very much a beginner again. That’s paradox and beautiful at the same time.
I think, I want to upgrade to an electric acoustic as soon as I can. Replace my cheapo out of tune box with an actual instrument.

Realization #923: I blew that last exam. Can’t do anything about it now. But whatever happens: Even if I fail at everything else at the end of this semester, at least I managed to grow a beard.

On a totally different topic

Holy shit, the guy I escaped from back in September has disappeared and is being wanted by Interpol! What the hell?
Wordpress just showed me an unusually high amount of traffic, so I looked into it and found another thread which links to my first exchange semester blog post.
Wow. Just wow. Who could have imagined that this story would develop into something this crazy?
While I don’t like the guy especially much after what he did to me, I still hope that he’s at least alive and gets back to his family. Even though he does have lots of problems and in the end it’s only he himself who can do something about them, it would still be terrible to know that the incident involving me somehow triggered the guy and got him in danger.
I think, I’m gonna send Interpol a mail later…
Wow. Never thought, I would write this sentence some day…

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