Moving to the right

I wrote an incredibly corny piece about my experience in Copenhagen, and it’s probably better to leave it at the drawing board. It basically started with me talking about moving into “the same direction” on my train home as when I first arrived in Denmark. And how it’s kind of a metaphor for “moving forward” for us exchange people. You see, cause in 2D Platformer games, you usually move to the right while making progress…


Get it?

In this case Mario stands as a symbol for every single one of us, whose “paths intertwined in this certain place for a certain time”. Yeah, I was probably still a little drunk from the last Friday Bar when I came up with that…

Anyway. Maybe only this much as an example of the kitsch I’d already written. I still feel, that it sums up my sentiment pretty good.

I remember that the first couple of days when I arrived in a foreign country I felt excited and happy to the core. Because it felt a little bit like a new beginning for me. A hard reset if you will. Without most of my commitments to any kind of authority and other people I truly felt like a free man. I couldn’t care less about things, and I was as happy as I could be. […]
I learned to not care as much about stuff. The less I care, the healthier I feel. The other day I cleaned up my Facebook friend list from people that I don’t need in my life. May sound stupid, since it’s just Facebook. But it actually felt pretty nice.

Okay okay. Now cut the crap, past me. Jeez.
The good thing is, that some people are going to stay there a little longer. My salute goes out to you lucky ones who actually get to experience spring and summer (aka light) in this beautiful city.

I made a little re-enactment, of what is probably going on over there, while I’m gone.

Meanwhile in Copenhagen

Meanwhile in Copenhagen

I don’t know.
In the end, I feel enriched by this whole experience. It’s been awesome and I’m gonna miss you people!
Hopefully it doesn’t sound too inappropriate when I say, that it’s been an honor to intertwine with you guys!

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