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Moving to the right

I wrote an incredibly corny piece about my experience in Copenhagen, and it’s probably better to leave it at the drawing board. It basically started with me talking about moving into “the same direction” on my train home as when I first arrived in Denmark. And how it’s kind of a metaphor for “moving forward” for us exchange people. You see, cause in 2D Platformer games, you usually move to the right while making progress…


Get it?

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A bumpy start

Tuesday, August 27th

My first impression as a belarussian immigrant from Germany is that everything sounds funny and cute in Danish. The words are sometimes strikingly similar, but the pronounciation brings a certain twist to a language which appears to be familiar and different at the same time.
People told me before, that it’s actually not a “real” exchange semester, cause the countries are supposed to be oh so similar. But this is already different and interesting enough for me.
Even though the landscape reminds me of Northern Germany it isn’t quite the same. The architecture is slightly different and I don’t feel that it’s quite as flat as the outskirts of Hamburg or the area of Holstein in general.
Danish cows are orange and the sky appears to be closer somehow.
That’s about it for now. Waiting for the train. Gonna continue, as soon as I’ve arrived in Roskilde.

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Okay, I met my future roomie. And his room. The sweet-sour greasy stench of sweat and cooking oil instantly overwhelmed my senses. The (one) room, in which both of us were supposed to live for the next five months was a one of a kind mess, I’ve only experienced at some depressed messie household.
I tried to make the best out of the situation and maybe somehow “inspire” the guy to get his shit together and clean up with me. But after I scratched the last couple of worms (!) from his frying pan while he was still laying in his bed trying to get the internet working, so that he could get on Facebook, I felt that we might have some differences regarding priorities in the future. Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

Ich will an dieser Stelle eine kleine Anpassung an der Blog-Sprache vornehmen. Da es jetzt mittlerweile auch einige englischsprachige Leser gibt, macht es nur Sinn, vorerst zumindest für die Dauer dieses Auslandssemesters auf englisch zu schreiben.
Also langer Rede kurzer Sinn:

Welcome to the blog! I hope, the structure of my sentences works out good enough for you guys to understand, what I’m going to be blathering about for the next five months. I’ll be visiting Denmark for the winter semester (I heard, that’s supposed to be the best time to visit nordic countries) to study Game Design at Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen. Since I will be talking english pretty much all the time, it only makes sense for me to start writing in english as well, right?

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